surf excel

Get Free Sample Surf Excel Liquid Detergent. This new liquid detergent is two times better at stain removal than detergent powder.

Ink or grease marks, pickle stains, mud or tea stains – Surf excel Liquid Detergent will penetrate through these everyday tough stains and remove them easily. Whether you bucket wash or machine wash, laundry cleaning is now easier than ever with this new detergent.

So here’s your Chance to get the free sample.


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=>How does Surf excel Liquid Detergent work?
Surf excel Liquid Detergent works with the Dip Dab Drop formula. You don’t have to scrub the shirt endlessly to remove the stains. Here’s what you need to do:

DIP– Take a capful of Surf excel Liquid.If you spot a tough stain, dip your finger in the liquid.

DAB – Apply the liquid on the tough stain directly with your finger.

DROP – Drop the remaining liquid into the bucket or into the top loading machine.

WHISK – Whisk the water in the bucket. You will see that it foams as good as powder. Wash as usual.