Ormax Online Surveys Panel

If you are a movie enthusiast and watch all the latest domestic and international releases then you can earn free rewards for giving feedback. Participate in surveys at Ormax Online Surveys Panel and earn free Flipkart and Bookmyshow Gift Vouchers. Ormax Media is an online entertainment research panel that does surveys in the fields of television, films and other entertainment areas.

The panel will award you points for every survey completed successfully. Visit your Email time to time as surveys are sent to the email ID registered with the panel. The reward points are automatically transferred to your account. Amount of points vary with every survey.

NOTE :1 Reward Point = 1 Rupee


How to Earn Rewards at Ormax Online Surveys Panel:

  1. Register for the survey panel here.
  2. Enter you Name, Email, Mobile Number, Address and some other information in addition to the basic.
  3. Click Next/Submit.
  4. You will get an on-screen message: “Thank you for registering. Follow the instructions sent on your Email”.
  5. Verify your Email by opening mail from Ormax Online.
  6. For every survey you complete successfully, you will win rewards points.
  7. Finally redeem these reward points to get Flipkart and Bookmyshow e-gift vouchers after accumulation of certain minimum threshold amount.


Rewards at Ormax Online Surveys Panel:

  1. BookMyShow Vouchers: Accumulate a minimum of 250 points and redeem the voucher.
  2. Flipkart e-gift Vouchers: Accumulate a minimum of 500 points and make request to redeem the voucher.

Ormax Media sends reward vouchers on your registered e-mail id generally  within 3 working days of the request.

The membership of the panel is voluntary and totally free of cost. Therefore, panelists can leave the program after registration. Just click the link “Leave Ormax Online Program” after signing in your account.

So what are you waiting for ! Join Ormax Online Surveys Panel, answer surveys and earn exciting rewards for your valuable feedback.

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