India Get Free Stuff Free Mobile Recharge Winners March 2015

India Get Free Stuff - Win Free Mobile Recharge

Here is something new from INDIA GET FREE STUFF. Now you will be rewarded with free recharge to be our Facebook Fan.

Every month we will select 10 People from our Facebook Page Fan List on purely a random base.

Those 10 People will get Rs.10 Free Mobile Recharge as a reward.

Prizes : 10 x 10 Free Mobile Recharge every month.

How To Get An Entry: Like us on Facebook.

India Get Free Stuff – Facebook Page:


=>Terms & Conditions of India Get Free Stuff Reward System:

1. Only Indians are eligible to participate in the contest.

2. One person can win only one free mobile recharge every month.

3. Winners list will be announced in the first week of every month.

4. Winners list will be published at and India Get Free StuffFacebook Page.

5. Winners must have to claim their prize with in 48 hours from announcment otherwise no recharge will be done.

6. Winners will be selected on purely a random basis (lucky draw).

7. All the Winners decided by us will be final and cannot be challenged.

8. holds the right to cancel this contest at any time without prior notice.

9. Recharge will be done within 10 days  from the announcement of winners.

10. If you have liked our Facebook Page but don’t want to participate in this contest then please contact us through our Contact Us Page on the website. We will exclude your name from the draw.


=>How To Claim Free Mobile Recharge:

Send us a Message on India Get Free Stuff – Facebook Page by same Facebook id as listed in Winners list with your Name, email id, Mobile number, Mobile Network and Area. For example – Sachin Sharma,, Ten Digit Mobile Number, BSNL, Bhopal.

Note: You must have to claim your reward within 48 hours from announcement.


=>Winners List of India Get Free Stuff Reward for March 2015:

1. Jain Hitesh   Facebook ID:

2. Ashutosh Singh    Facebook ID:

3. Anand Prakash   Facebook ID:

4. Deep Bhagat   Facebook ID:

5. Chandu Sekhar    Facebook ID:

6. Shankar Bhateja  Facebook ID:

7. Suman Patra   Facebook ID:

8. Girish Khatri    Facebook ID:

9. Rajat Mishra  Facebook ID:

10. Rohan Bansal  Facebook ID:


=>NOTE: Claim your Free Recharge before 06:00 pm March 15th 2015.

>>>>>>> Rest of the Fans, Better Luck next Time! <<<<<<<

7 thoughts on “India Get Free Stuff Free Mobile Recharge Winners March 2015

  1. pratap sutradhar says:

    Hi, I am amazed to see this rewarding way of India Get Free Stuff.

  2. aparna kundu says:

    I like this

  3. Rajat Jain says:

    Very cool site for recharge..
    Thanks for introducing this gr8 idea

  4. santosh sharma says:

    thanx for topup i got it
    hope i will win again

  5. Nithin Raj says:

    Tnx so much.. Got the recharge.. You are the best,.. :D

  6. vicky says:

    Recharge done thanks

  7. vivek says:


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