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Laaptu Earn Free Mobile Recharge

Earn Free Mobile Recharge with LAAPTU, one of the oldest free talktime providing websites in India. It is one of the best free recharge earning sites available out there. In Today’s World where INTERNET has become “INEVITABLE” same goes with the search of FREE STUFF in the ONLINE WORLD. Out of Various Free Things that we can get is ” FREE RECHARGE” for mobiles etc. There are Various Sites that provide Free Recharge for their Visitors. At users can earn free talktime by playing various games like Math Quiz, Fun Quiz or by inviting friends. Once you have at least Rs. 10 in your wallet. You can get a Free Recharge instantly.


=>Steps to Join Laaptu to Earn Free Mobile Recharge:

  1. Register at the website here.
  2. Fill in the Sign Up Form by filling in your Email Id, Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Username etc.
  3. Click on “REGISTER NOW”.
  4. Next, you will receive your password on your mobile number.
  5. Now use your Username and Password to Log in.
  6. Start earning Laaptu free mobile recharge.


=>What Does Laaptu Offer?  Here’s the Answer:

  1. Free Recharge: Get free prepaid mobile recharge for your phone. They support all mobile operators for mobile top up and free talktime. Rs. 10 minimum recharge guaranteed.
  2. Referral Recharge: Get unlimited referral recharge. Refer friends and get free recharge instantly.
  3. Play Games: Get points for playing games and redeem them for free mobile top up and recharge.


=>Benefits of Joining:

  1. Join Now & Get Rs.2 in your Wallet.
  2. Win Recharge Rs.10 Daily
  3. Unlimited Referral Recharge


=>Ways to Earn Free Recharge:

Following are the ways to Earn free talktime on Laaptu after getting a one-time Joining bonus of Rs.2:

  1. Daily Login: 10 paisa daily. Login everyday to get Bonus for daily login.
  2. Math Quiz: Upto 78 paisa daily. Fill your wallet by playing Math Quiz Daily – complete all 30 questions.
  3. Fun Quiz: Upto 78 paisa daily. Fill your wallet by playing Fun Quiz Daily – complete all 30 questions.
  4. Referral Recharge: Invite FRIENDS and get Laaptu free mobile recharge. Just click on the ‘SHARE’ button and get upto Rs.2 for each friend who joins.
  5. Quiz Contest: Upto Rs. 10 in every Quiz Contest.

=>Do you know other ways of getting Free Mobile Recharge Online in India? If yes then you can share it with us on our Facebook Page here. We will give you credit for the information in the new post containing the method provided by you. 


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