Shine Referral Rewards Program-Win Recharge,Flipkart Vouchers,Galaxy S4

Shine Referral Rewards Program

Do you visit often? Then you can get awesome Rewards by Shine Referral Rewards Program.


=>Details of the Shine Referral Rewards Program:

1. How does it work? :-  Find a job on that you believe suits one of your friends. Once you refer this friend to the job, a Facebook message will go to him/her. If your friend accepts the message, he/she gets referred to the job via you. You get points for referring friends and also when they accept your referral. Once you hit a specific number of points, you get guaranteed rewards.

=>What steps do I need to follow?:-

1.Go to any job on Shine and click on the refer a friend link

2. You will be prompted to download the MyParichay app, in case you have not already done so

3. Once you download the app, you will be able to see your Facebook friends that are suitable for this job

4.Select a suitable friend and click on ‘Refer’ to earn 5 points

5. A Facebook message goes to this friend, which if accepted, will give you 250 points more for this referral

=>Where do I start?:-   Click here to view jobs. Select a job from the list to start referring friends.

=>What is the point system?:-  Each referral made gives you 5 points, While each referral accepted by the friend who you have referred gives you the remaining 250 points! Hence, each successful referral has the potential to earn you 255 points.


=>Prizes in Shine Referral Rewards Program:

1. Participation Prize:- Start playing the game and get flat 40% off on our services. To know more about Shine Career services,

Level 1:Reach 1000 points and win an assured mobile recharge worth Rs 200/-

Level 2:Reach 5000 points and win an assured Flipkart voucher worth Rs 1000/-

2. Grand Prize:- One Samsung Galaxy S4 to the player with the highest points.

=>Note:  The Participation prize and the prizes for Levels 1 & 2 of Shine Referral Rewards Program are guaranteed once you hit the required number of points. The Grand prize will be given to the player with the highest number of points at the end of the contest.


=>Rules of Shine Referral Rewards Program:

1. You can refer a maximum of 5 friends per job.

2. You can refer the same person for a maximum of 2 jobs.

3. Shine Referral Rewards Program offers no points for referring the same friend for the same job more than once.

4. You can refer a maximum of 150 friends in a month. Choose who you refer carefully!

5. To win the Level 1 prize at 1000 points, get atleast 2 individual friends to accept your referrals.

6. To win the Level 2 prize at 5000 points, get at least 5 individual friends to accept your referrals.

7. The player with the highest points should have minimum 5000 points to be eligible for winning a Samsung Galaxy S4.

8. A new contest begins at the start of a new month. The points accumulated in the previous month will lapse.


=>Terms and Conditions of Shine Referral Rewards Program:

1. The player with the highest points should have minimum 5000 points to be eligible for winning a Samsung Galaxy S4.

2. For all matters relating to rewards and prizes, the decision of will be final.

3. holds the right to eliminate/disqualify any player found to be colluding with other candidates or indulging in spurious referral activites.

4. will get in touch with you via email/phone each time you win a reward through Shine Referral Rewards Program to help you redeem the reward won.

5. The rewards as mentioned under our Rewards section only will be conferred on the winners. The rewards cannot be substituted for any other items of similar value.

6. For any queries, you can write to us at

=>NOTE: >>>>>>>>The contest ends at 5 PM on 30th November <<<<<<<<<


  1. Atul Kumar Sharma

    November 25, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    I was the winner of round 1 in Referral Contest on on 20 Sep 2013.
    In this contest i have to send the job referral links to my facebook friend if they accept i got the point. assured who has the highest point in this game we provide him a Galaxy S4 as winning prize
    The team of inform me that you are the winner for Galaxy S4 , your prize is under process. It will give to you soon.
    They as the id proof of my some facebook friends i provide that.
    I called a lot but always they said your prize is under process in their legal department.
    After 2 months i get a call from their legal department the person said the You are disqualify for the contest just because the photos were not clear in the ID proof and you use fake Facebook profile to make this point.
    He offer me to quit the prize otherwise they make a FIR against me and prove that you are doing a fraud.
    I ask him to do that and i want to get a written proof why i was disqualified in this game.

    He said to me that he will call me after 2 days to know again the decision of my quit the prize

    After that he did not call me and when a call on they refuse to assist me any more and replied you are free do anything.

    Now remove the link of the contest from the home page but its still workring on this link

    Plz help me to make a voice against them so this msg reach to the right person

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Atul Kumar Sharma

    November 8, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    Yes Shiva i get the 200 rs recharge in my mobile and now i am waiting for my Flip cart voucher and Galaxy S4
    They take some time due to a lots of enquery
    Sure u get your recharge , u can call them for more info 0124 3954868

    Hope u get ur recharge soon…

  3. Did any one got 200 rupees mobile recharge?? i got more than 2000 points but i didn’t get any recharge.. i sent many mails to shine but there is no response from them.

  4. When you guys announced the winner of Galaxy S4 Winner on

    • admin

      September 25, 2013 at 8:58 pm

      Please contact for details about winners announcement. India Get Free Stuff just provides various offers, contests ongoing in the online world. We do not have any relation with

  5. Atul Kumar Sharma

    September 21, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    Hurray i now i am the No 1 player at last round and and i am going to win Galaxy S4, just waiting for the call from sales team of
    thanks in advance
    These guys provides us jobs as well as assume prize also

  6. Atul Kumar Sharma

    September 15, 2013 at 3:45 am

    This is really a good contest,

    I invited all of my friend to join this and get at least 200 rs recharge.

    Thanks for this assume game,
    most of my friends asking me for the job so now i refer relevant job to all of my friends
    this is really assume
    and now i am the no 1 player on

  7. i have 1070 points
    how can i reedeem it and get a recharge of 200 rs
    plz help

    • admin

      September 11, 2013 at 5:08 pm

      Guys at will get in touch with you via an email on your email id registered with them to help you redeem the prize. Check if you have got any mail about this. If not then feel free to mail them at contactus{at} or Call them at Helpline: 0124 3954868 / 4831 and ask about the redemption process.

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