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Amazon Quiz Time Daily Answers Win Prizes 

Play quiz at app and answer the questions to win exciting new prizes every day. Here we will post Amazon Quiz Time Daily Answers of questions asked in the quiz. The quiz time is live between 8 AM to 12 PM everyday.

Prize of today’s quiz: Rs.100 Amazon Pay Balance (500 winners)

Amazon India is regularly conducting “The App Only Quiz Time” campaign where participants can win new prizes every day. Previous prizes include Apple Watch3, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Tab S3, iPhone X and more. So enjoy your quiz time mornings with Amazon.

Steps to participate in Amazon Quiz Contest:

  1. Open Amazon’s app on your mobile. (Download it from here for Android Or From here for iOS.)
  2. Sign in with your account details.
  3. At the home page of the app, scroll down and look for the banner of the Quiz Time Contest.
  4. Click on the banner.
  5. Start the quiz.
  6. Answer all the questions correctly. (Answers have been given below in this post)


Amazon Quiz Time Daily Answers:

Win Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers (27 Dec 2018):

  1. Which Asian counrty has Kuala Lumpur as its capital ?  Answer – Malaysia

  2. Which is the most densely populated country in the world?   Answer – Monaco

  3. T’Challa, the king of Wakanda, is the alter ego of which superhero? Answer – Black Panther

  4. Which of these Indian musical instruments is NOT a string instrument? Answer – Chengali

  5. First Winter Olympics were held in which country?  Answer – France

Win Honor 8C Quiz Answers (26 Dec 2018):

  1. Which razor-thin country accounts for more than half of the western coastline of South America ?  Answer – Chile

  2. What is the hardest substance in the human body?   Answer – Enamel

  3. Kalia, the Crow, Suppandi and Shikari Shambhu belong to which comic book? Answer – Tinkle

  4. Which is the only continent that occupies all four hemispheres? Answer – Africa

  5. The first iron-cased rockets in the world were successfully developed for military use by?  Answer – Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, Mysore

Win Bose Speaker System Quiz Answers (21 Dec 2018):

  1. On average, how long does it take light to travel from the sun to the earth?  Answer – 8 min 20 sec

  2. In physics, what is the term for a nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei?   Answer – Fusion

  3. What is the name of the deepest point in the ocean? Answer – Mariana Trench

  4. On which day in history did Mahatma Gandhi embark on the famous Dandi March? Answer – 12 March 1930

  5. What is the name of the world’s largest active volcano?  Answer – Mauna Loa

Win Huawei Mate20 Pro Quiz Answers (19 Dec 2018):

  1. Ozone layer protects us from which harmful rays?  Answer – Ultraviolet

  2. In 2008, which Indian actor was awarded with Malaysian title ‘Datuk’?  Answer – Shah Rukh Khan

  3. Anab-e-shahi, Banglore Blues are varities of which fruit? Answer – Grapes

  4. Who was called as ‘Prince among Patriots’ by Mahatma Gandhi? Answer – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

  5. First governor of state in independent India?  Answer – Sarojini Naidu

Win OnePlus 6T Quiz Answers (17 Dec 2018):

  1. Former top ranking pro golfer Vijay Singh is from which country?  Answer – Fiji

  2. In India, what is the function of the train known as the Lifeline Express?  Answer – Hospital

  3. Which of these countries was not a Soviet Republic in USSR? Answer – Serbia

  4. In which language was the classic work of Leo Tolstoy, ‘War and Peace’ originally written in? Answer – Russian

  5. In which year did India join the United Nations?  Answer – 1945

Win Rs.50000 as Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers (16 Dec 2018):

  1. Which Indi-pop singer’s former name was ‘Sujata’, and is known for her hit song ‘Made In India’?  Answer – Alisha Chinai

  2. Which of these big cat species is known ti have a tuft or a bunch of hair at the end of their tail?  Answer – Lions

  3. In geometry, which figure gets its name from the Greek word for ‘table’? Answer – Trapezium

  4. In which ocean is the island of Madagascar located? Answer – Indian Ocean

  5. The name of which city comes from two words meaning ”market for areca nut’ in the local language?  Answer – Guwahati

Win Sony Portable Party System Quiz Answers (15 Dec 2018):

  1. What is fathometer used to measure?  Answer – Ocean Depth

  2. Where in the human body is the stapedius muscle situated?  Answer – Ears

  3. Which of these Raj Kapoor starrer was also released overseas as “The Vagabond”? Answer – Awara

  4. If you were a cartographer, what would you be studying? Answer – Maps

  5. In which city can you find the mausoleum of Mughal Empress Arjumand Banu Begum?  Answer – Agra


Win Amazon Echo Sub Quiz Answers ( 14 Dec 2018):

  1. M K Gandhi lived in a farm in South Africa named after a famous Russian Novelist. Name the author.   Answer – Leo Tolstoy

  2. Which of these elements is not named after a scientist?  Answer – Ruthenium

  3. The archaeological remains of  which institution is found in the vicinity of a town called “Bihar Sharif” in the eastern part of India? Answer – Nalanda University

  4. One of the oldest sanctuaries in India is the Garampani Sanctuary. Which state is it located in? Answer – Assam

  5. ____is a philosophical perspective that views the universe and everything in it as a kind of machine made up of connected but distinct parts?  Answer – Mechanism

Win Apple Smart Watch Quiz Answers ( 11 Dec 2018):

  1. Castella, Tres Leches, Brigadeiro, and Oliebollen are all names of ?   Answer – Desserts

  2. _____ is the fear of going to bed.  Answer – Clinophobia

  3. What is the currency of Sweden? Answer – Krona

  4. Cyril Ramaphosa, who is expected to be the chief guest at the 2019 Republic Day of Indi is President of which African country? Answer – South Africa

  5. Which country recenlty announced plans to become the world’s first country to make its public transportation free for everyone by 2019?  Answer – Luxembourg


Win Armani Watch Quiz Answers ( 10 Dec 2018):

  1. In the 2019 ‘live action’ remake of the famous 1994 animated movie ‘Lion King’, which actor will be reprising his original role as Mufasa   Answer – James Earl Jones

  2. What term was used to refer to British women who fought for women’s right to vote in the early 20th century?  Answer – Suffragettes

  3. Which is the only bird that is able to fly backwards? Answer – Hummingbird

  4. India’s longest rail-road bridge ‘Bogibeel Bridge’ is built over which of the following rivers? Answer – Brahmaputra

  5. In which European city would you find the famous Blue Domed Church?  Answer – Santorini, Greece

Win OnePlus 6T Quiz Answers ( 6 Dec 2018):

  1. Which of these birds is known for laying its eggs in the nests of other birds?   Answer – Cuckoo

  2. Which is the world’s largest living fish?  Answer – Whale Shark

  3. ‘Anura’ is the scientific name for which animal? Answer – Frog

  4. Which animal has the highest blood pressure in the world?   Answer – Giraffe

  5. Which mountain peak is farthest from the center of the Earth?  Answer – Mount Chimborazo

Win Rs.5,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers ( 5 Dec 2018):

  1. Historically, did a Grand Slam event ever have to stop play due to extreme heat?  Answer: Yes

  2. Which member of the cat family is the only one that cannot retract its claws?  Answer: Cheetah

  3. Which country is home to the world’s largest number of wild tigers?  Answer: India

  4. Which famous comic book character shares his name with a city in Turkey?  Answer: Batman

  5. Which animal features in the official logo of the World Wildlife Fund?  Answer: The Giant Panda

Win Saregama Carvaan Quiz Answers ( 4 Dec 2018):

  1. The collective noun for a group of giraffes is a ‘___ of giraffes’. Fill in the blanks.  Answer – Tower

  2. Wolverine, also known as Gulo gulo is the member of which animal family?  Answer – Weasel

  3. Churchill, Sherman and Panzer and the names of ____?  Answer – Military Tanks

  4. Which of these can a horse NOT do?  Answer – Vomit

  5. ___ was the name of the network of computers which is said to have formed the technical foundations for the Internet.  Answer  – ARPANET

Win Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers ( 3 Dec 2018):

  1. Which is the largest subspecies of the Tiger?  Answer – The Siberian Tiger

  2. Which female character from Greek mythology brought evil into the world when her curiosity compelled her to open a magical box?   Answer – Pandora

  3. Which of these crawly creature is said to have the highest number of legs – which can go up to 200 pairs?  Answer – Millipede

  4. In physics, what is the term for a ‘nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei’?  Answer – Fusion

  5. A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.   Answer – True

Win Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Quiz Answers ( 2 Dec 2018):

  1. The offspring of zebra and a donkey is called?  Answer – Zeedonk

  2. The Koala bear’s diet mainly consists of eating?  Answer – Eucalyptus leaves

  3. Sea Otters hold hands while they’re sleeping.  Answer – True

  4. What is the main component used in the manufacturing of the glass?  Answer – Sand

  5. How many fights did Muhammad Ali lose in his professional boxing career? Answer – 5


Win Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers (1st Dec 2018):

  1. What is the name of the world’s largest lizard?  Answer – Komodo Dragon

  2. What is the name of the first pyramid ever built in Ancient Egypt?  Answer – The Step Pyramid of Djoser

  3. Which is the smallest and shallowest ocean in the world?  Answer – The Arctic Ocean

  4. Which famous pop singer’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?  Answer – Lady Gaga

  5. Which of these marine mammals is the largest of the dolphin family? Answer – Killer Whale

Win Seagate Hard Drive Quiz Answers (30 Nov 2018):

  1. Which of these is NOT considered to be a ‘macronutrient’?  Answer – Vitamins

  2. ‘Fugdi’ is a folk dance, performed by women dancers forming circles or rows. Which state/region does it come from?  Answer – Goa/Konkan

  3. The State Bank of of India was previously known as?  Answer – Imperial Bank of India

  4. What is the national sports of Bangladesh?  Answer – Kabaddi

  5. National Milk Day is celebrated in India each year on Verghese Kurien’s birthday. When was this recently celebrated?   Answer – Nov 26

Win Fossil Smartwatch Quiz Answers (29 Nov 2018):

  1. How many strings does a cello typically have?  Answer – 4

  2. In Japanese, what is the word for ‘goodbye’?  Answer – Sayonara

  3. In which country would you find Bran Castle – also commonly known as ‘Dracula’s Castle’?  Answer – Romania

  4. Who invented the World Wide Web (WWW)?  Answer – Tim Berners–Lee

  5. Which Indian sportswoman has been named captain of the Indian team for the upcoming ICC Women’s World Twenty20 XI?   Answer – HarmanPreet Kaur


Win Oppo F9 Pro Quiz Answers (28 Nov 2018):

  1. 1st December 1963, Nagaland became the ___ state of India.  Answer – 16th
  2. Rial is the official currency of __. Fill in the blanks. Answer – Iran

  3. Originating in the Tibetan plateau near Lake Mansarovar, which river flows through Ladakh? Answer – Indus

  4. Wellington is the capital of which country?  Answer – New Zealand

  5. Copenhagen is the capital of which country? Answer – Denmark

Win JBL Flip 4 Wireless Speaker Quiz Answers (27 Nov 2018):

  1. What famous comic book character is called the ‘Merc with a mouth’ because of his tendency to joke constantly?

    Answer – Deadpool

  2. If you hit a cotton ball and a golf ball with a golf club applying the same force, which would accelerate the most?

    Answer – The Cotton Ball Because it has Less Mass

  3. Which bank recently launched India’s first interactive credit card with buttons? Answer – IndusInd Bank

  4. In terms of area, which one is larger – India or Brazil?  Answer – Brazil

  5. What currency does Ukraine use? Answer – Hryvnia

Win Philips Trimmer Quiz Answers (16 Nov 2018) :

  1. The ______ note was the first paper currency issued by RBI in January 1938. Fill in the blanks. Answer – Rs.5
  2. Raut Nacha is folk dance performed mainly by the tribal communities of which state? Answer – Chhattisgarh
  3. The Bhimbetka rock shelters are archaelogical site of the Palaeolithic period. It is located in which state? Answer – Madhya Pradesh
  4. In which European city would you find the famous Blue Domed Church? Answer – Santorini, Greece
  5. The legendary comic book writer Stan Lee, who passed away recently, was associated with which house of comic books? Answer – Marvel Comics

Win BlackBerry Key2 LE Answers (14 Nov 2018):

  1. Which one of these figure from Greek Mythology causes people to turn to stone?

    Answer – Medusa

  2. Which of these planets could, theoretically, float if submerged in water due to its low density?

    Answer –Saturn

  3. In 2011, which country hosted a Formula 1 Race for the first time?

    Answer –India

  4. Which Indian scientist won the Nobel prize for Physics in 1930 for pioneering work on scattering of light?

    Answer –Chandrasekhara Ventaka Raman

  5.  Punjab is also called ‘The Land of Five Waters’. Which of these is NOT a river the name that flows through the region?

    Answer –Tapti

Diesel Analog Watch Quiz Answers (08 Nov 2018):

  1. The book ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ is an autobiography by which one of these?  Answer – Nelson Mandela
  2.  In which city would you find the Alhambra?  Answer – Granada, Spain
  3. True or False: Rio de Janeiro is the capital of Brazil.   Answer – False
  4. In which Egyptian city would you find the Pyramids of Giza?  Answer – Cairo
  5. Where would you find Hagia Sophia, the former Greek orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral, later an Ottoman imperial mosque and now a museum?  Answer – Istanbul, turkey

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