Star Panel is a community of opinion leaders who want to make their voices heard. The idea is simple – register on this website to receive surveys from Star Panel and other Fortune 500 companies who want to learn from you in order to make their products better. As a thank you for each completed survey, you will be rewarded with a symbolic sum credited to your panel account. You can participate in surveys at your convenience and at any time you want.

NOTE: The frequency of surveys depends on the number of projects active in each period.

=>Methods of Incentive Redemption:

1. Flipkart E-Gift Vouchers

2. Movie vouchers from BIG Cinemas

3. Donate the incentives to a charity through Give India.

4. Money via PayPal


1. Go to the link here:

2. Register yourself on the panel by completing 4 simple steps.

3. Next you will get the message: “Thanks for your registration and welcome to STAR Panel!In a few minutes you will be receiving an email with all information you need to access your Star Panel account. Please browse around on Star Panel’s website, and read the FAQ in case you have any questions.”

4. Now Log in to your Email Account and Open the STAR PANEL Email.

5. Click on the Link provided and Login with your Username and the Password.

Star Panel was started in 2011 and is owned by Star India Pvt. Ltd. The panel was created in cooperation with the market research company Nepa India Pvt. Ltd, who is also responsible for managing the panel.