Zee TV Panel ZeeViewTube

Zee Tv Panel called ZeeViewTube is a community of opinion leaders. Those who want to make their voices heard. The idea is to register on this online survey panel website. ZeeViewTube members will receive surveys from Zee Tv and other Fortune 500 companies who want to learn from you in order to make their products better. In exchange members will get rewards for each completed survey in their personal panel account. Register below to be a part of Zee TV Panel community!!!


=>How to become a member of Zee Tv Panel:

1. Visit Here to Register at Survey Panel.
2. Register yourself by completing 3 simple steps.
3. Click confirmation link from email you would get after registering.
4. You will frequently get surveys at your registered Email.
5. Complete the surveys to earn points.
6. You can redeem Flipkart e-Gift Vouchers or Big Cinema Movie Vouchers once you have earned minimum points.


=>Rewards Offered at Zee TV Panel:

1. Big Cinemas Movie Voucher: If members have reached Rs. 100 in their account they can redeem a Movie voucher. The Movie voucher can be used at any BIG Cinemas screen across the country which is available on BIG Cinemas’ online booking. BIG Cinemas booking can be done on: www.bigcinemas.com/in/  

2. Flipkart e-Gift Vouchers : Members can redeem a Flipkart e-Gift voucher for Rs. 100 or Rs 500 as soon as they have reached Rs.105 or Rs.525 respectively. The Flipkart e-Gift Voucher can be used on the www.Flipkart.com website. 


=>About Zee Tv Panel:

ZeeViewTube is an online opinion place for Zee Tv Panel. It was started in 2012 and is owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. The panel was created in cooperation with the market research company Nepa, who is also responsible for managing the panel. You can participate in surveys at your convenience and at any time you want. Membership is voluntary and doesn’t cost anything. For further enquiries contact at zeeviewtube@zeenetwork.com